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Time Management Resources

Time management, planning, goal tracking, habit tracking, and all things organization are in here!

Time Management Resources

Time Management Tools

1. Assignment Calculator (break down assignments with deadlines!)

2. 18 Best Time Management Apps.

3. This website will teach you how to meditate. Apps for meditating are great too. Meditating has been shown to increase cognitive ability (aka, productivity, studying, exam performance, etc.) in many studies. If you’re like me and can’t quiet your brain, it also serves as a great time to plan everything out and figure out what you need to do.

Pomodoro Timers

1. Pomodoro Timer

2. Pomodoro Timer with Friends

3. 5 Best Pomodoro Apps for your phone. I use the Focus-To-Do app because it lets me have separate by class and assignments. I can track exactly how long I am working on a specific assignment for a specific class or how long I spend working on a single class. I love graphs and data!


Note: There are not many planners designed with students in mind, unfortunately. I’ve chosen some of my favorites here with a description of what I like about them.

1. Day Designer. This is the planner that I use right now! I like this one because it breaks down hourly appointments and to-do list. It also has a top 3, what is due and a spot for daily gratitude.

2. Simplified.These planners I like because they also break down hourly appointments and to-do lists. They are also cute (though like most planners, made primarily for feminine aesthetic). They don’t have anything else in them, hence simplified, so if you want a large space to write your own notes this is great for you.

3. Imperfect Inspiration. This planner is specifically designed for ADHD! I found this person on TikTok when I was thinking of designing my own planner for students and she is amazing! ADHD planning is different from neurotypical (ugh, I hate that word) planning and this planner takes all of that into account.

4. Google or iCalendars. These are a great planning tool because you can sync them with your email, notes apps, and to-do lists to have everything in one place. And they sync from your phone to your computer (love the cloud) to allow you to update it anywhere.

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