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Career Resources

Resources for finding your perfect career or understanding your chosen career better.

Career Resources

Career Resources

1. Occupational Outlook Handbook by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

2.– This website allows you to take a free interests quiz to help narrow down options, it talks about different skills necessary for different careers and how to maximize those skills on a resume, allows you to explore careers, and even find help.


4. Career Journey Podcast –this one is biased because it’s my podcast, but it follows people in a variety of careers with their advice in getting started, and sharing their own journey to learn what real decisions go into finding, and changing, a career.

5. ALA Careers – this website provides great resources on building resumes, interviewing and general advice

6. Careers in Psychology - this is more specific to my field, psychology

Also, always look into the career services center (some go by different names) at your own college of university. This gives you a great in-person resource with local contacts for career options.

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