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Hey! Thank you for stopping by. 

As a first generation college student, I struggled to know how to navigate picking classes, studying, time management, finding resources, and just generally navigating college. Then I went off to grad school and it got even harder. There was a whole world I had never known about and everyone else seemed to know it already (the hidden curriculum, I learned it was called). 

When I got my first job teaching at a University, I realized there was so much I still did not know about college. Even more that I didn't know about how to find, start, and keep a job once I was done. 

After a year of advising and teaching students who all seemed to have that same  "I don't know what I'm doing" experience that I did, I started a podcast about career stories to help people learn that no one really has it figured out. Those navigating it shared their stories of what went into their decisions and how they got there. 

I realized though, that this wasn't the whole story I wanted to help with. Career navigation was only one part. I've spent the better part of 30 years in school and I research how people learn most effectively. So I started a TikTok account for educational consulting that became a YouTube channel to help students navigate college, time management, studying, careers, and more!  

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