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Helping Students Succeed

Dr. Brittany Avila


Career Journey Podcast explores various careers, how people got to them, and amazing career advice from professionals themselves. If you're still in school, just starting a career, or making a transition this podcast is for you. 


On my YouTube Channel, I give advice on all things college, time management, organization, and study tips in this YouTube channel. As a first gen student myself, this is where I share all the things I wish I had known sooner. 


There are so many good apps, websites, and resources for students and young career professionals out there, you just need to know where to look. Here I compile all the resources I've found throughout my career to help you faster. 


I'm a first gen student and the first in my family to go to graduate school. I ended up teaching college because I love learning, teaching, and the college campus environment. As a first gen, I struggled knowing common language and vernacular, figuring out what resources were available to me, or just knowing what I was doing most of the time. 

Now that I'm a Professor, I'm sharing all that I've learned, and am still learning, to help students navigate college, find careers, and managing their time. I offer this education consulting through my Podcast, YouTube Channel, and TikTok. Feel free to use the Contact from below to ask specific questions and I'm happy to answer them!

I teach Psychology with a PhD in Developmental Psychology emphasizing in cognitive development. I teach Cognitive Psychology, History of Psychology, and Intro Psychology. I also spend half my time advising students. Through advising and teaching I realized that many students need help figuring out how to study effectively, manage their time, and learn about resources. So I created a TikTok account to share info. That has spiraled this website and Career Journey Podcast. 

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